Who Can Have Hair Transplantation Done?


If all the necessary details and conditions for hair transplantation are appropriate, hair transplantation is also suitable for people. Following a known preliminary preparation, the application is started when the suitability of the area and hair follicles to be transplanted are achieved.

Today, hair transplantation process; is the most permanent, safe and effective method selected and evaluated to solve hair loss and opening problems. These problems can be seen in every human being regardless of gender and age. Therefore, it should be investigated whether hair transplantation can be applied successfully or not.

There are many factors affecting success in hair transplantation in response to this curiosity and investigation. The first one is the degree of openness – baldness of the skin, which must be transplanted. In addition, the quality of the hair in the region of the hair root is also very important. In addition to all these elements, the expert surgeon, his team and the place where the operation will be performed are very important.

In general, hair transplantation can be applied to any person with masculine hair loss. Male hair loss develops under the influence of male hormones in individuals prone to hereditary hair loss. In these individuals, the cells that produce hair around the hair follicle lose their vitality with the effect of this hormone over time. Therefore hair becomes thin as the first symptom; then it stops growing and eventually it is completely lost. For the people with this problem, hair transplantation is the most precise and most lasting form of healing. Again, those who has scars and burn marks in the hairy skin as a result of an accident or any trauma can be applied hair transplantation if blood circulation is detected in that area.

At the core of the event, forms of hair loss rather than age for hair transplantation are decisive. For example, if the scalp is visible with a clear look, the hair density in that area is about 50% below the required rate. In such cases, the most effective treatment to be applied to people is the process of hair transplantation. To summarize, there is no specific age limit for hair transplantation. The most important factor that age determnes in hair transplantation is the fact that whether hair loss is completed or not. In other words, although masculine type hair loss is a lifelong process, the speed of hair loss slows down after forty years of age. Therefore, it should be known that after hair transplantation in individuals under forty years of age, hair loss can continue and people may need a few more applications later. Other therapeutic methods; PRP or mesotherapy treatments for stopping or retracting hair loss after hair transplantation are recommended.

It should be noted that those suitable for hair transplantation are those with sufficient hair in the back and side of the head. FUT and FUE techniques can be applied to people in this situation. Another group that is suitable for such hair transplantation techniques are the ones who has sufficient healthy hair roots in breasts or legs etc. FUE technique is applied to people in this situation. In the past, many men weren’t thought suitable for hair transplantation operations, but nowadays, they can be suitable candidates with modern techniques. Since these modern techniques are performed, large, unwanted traces and unnatural images created by the use of large grafts with have been replaced by vague traces and natural appearance by the use of small grafts. Along with the new and modern devices that have developed, all people who have hair loss problem have the opportunity to obtain natural hair appearance.

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