What is Hair Mesotherapy?


Hair mesotherapy is a method of healing that aims to prevent hair loss in men and women, increases the density of hair formation and provides options to prevent male spillage and opening. It is a process that regulates proteins, vitamins and other nutrients in the scalp.

Hair Mesotherapy nourishes and moisturizes the scalp with the help of scalp nourishments and injection needles without any pain. It also accelerates cell metabolism, prevents the formation of infections and accelerates hair formation. This process accelerates the blood circulation in the scalp and refreshes the hair follicles by making them thicker, bulky, strong, long and healthy hair. This improvement process is faster than other treatment and improvement and helps to improve hormonal balance over time; inactivates DHT hormone and new hair strands are created quickly.

Classification of Hair Loss
Hair mesotherapy is the technique of injecting rich nutrient in terms of nutrient diversity into the mesoderm layer of hair scalp in hair transplantation. It is made by injecting the solution into the scalp with a special mesotherapy gun containing sterile needles. This treatment-improvement consists of eight intervals in a week not exceeding half an hour. You need to be patient in this period; because visible results begin to appear after the fifth interval. The contents of the injected fluid vary depending on the causes of hair loss.

Because this liquid contains tissue-friendly materials, such as vitamins and nutrients, treatment – improvement is considered safe; it does not cause side effects or allergic reactions. People who undergo the treatment suffer minimum and it makes mesotherapy an easy solution to get rid of chronic hair loss. Only the people who has skin diseases, skin burns, diabetes, hemophilia patients and pregnant women should not choose this treatment; because it can cause health problems. Another scalp problem that can be cured by mesotherapy is the dandruff. However, this treatment option should be applied only in cases of severe dandruff, in consultation with the dermatologist after learning the cause of dandruff.

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