Recommendations Before – After Hair Transplantation


Hair transplantation surgery is a surgical procedure that helps to remove the gap and hairlessness. If you follow exactly what your doctor tells you to do before and after the application, you can get through this process without any problems. These tasks may be related to eating, drinking, smoking, not using or using certain food and medicine. If you perform the tasks given by your doctor carefully, the operation will be easier both for your doctor and you.

If you smoke, it is very important to stop smoking a week or two weeks before the operation. Smoking may prevent blood flow to the skin, which also affects the healing time of wounds.

Someone may need to take you home right after the operation. You should definitely arrange your companion a few days before the surgery. Other issues; for example, if you need support at work and at home, you need to consider the issue beforehand.

What to do before and after Hair Transplantation

How you feel after the surgery depends on the type of hair transplantation technique applied. Pain and burning in the scalp can be remedied by painkillers that your doctor gives. If you use a bandage, it should usually be removed one day after use. Stitches should be removed ten days after surgery. Your doctor will explain to you the swelling, bruising and inflammation assumptions.

Also, sports activities that require strength and coercion accelerate blood flow to the scalp; this may cause bleeding of the thighs. It is advisable to stay away from such reflexes and exercises for at least three weeks.

Your doctor may want to see you again several times after surgery to be sure that the wounds are getting over. In these interviews, it is very important for you to do your tasks for your healthy hair expectations.

For a healthy, beautiful life, we’re here to help you to have bushy hair.

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