How is Beard Transplantation Performed?


The lack of beard is one of the serious problems of many men. Attributing different meanings to being beardless creates serious negative perceptions and mental disorders in men. People who want to have beard transplantation do usually apply with with the problem of asymmetrical beard growth and lack of beard in some regions.

Beard transplantation is carried out by FUE technique like other transplantation methods. These applications can be applied to people of all ages with no side effects. Some people may choose beard transplantation because they do not have beard due to genetic reasons. Depending on the situation, beard transplantation can be applied for scars.

Beard transplantation is an application with a high demand in all over the world. Beard transplanting is generally done with favorite transplanting. A large part of the demanders are satisfied with the results and have a long-term effect. Thousands of tourists who come to our country from all over the world forbeard transplantation benefit from these services within the scope of health tourism.

Who Wants to have Beard Transplantation Done?

  • Persons who do not have beard and are considered as beardless.
  • Persons whose beard has become blunt partly or completely.
  • Persons whose beard is asymmetric.
  • Important note: Those who have poor – unclear beards due to burns and crushes can undergo beard transplantation.

What Are the Side Effects of Beard Transplantation?
Since the beard transplantation is done by FUE method, there is no side effect. Many people have achieved successful results in beard transplantation which is applied with the hair taken from one’s own tissue to the beard area.

What is the Result of Beard Transplantation?
After beard transplantation, facial crusts appear and beard falls. Approximately in four to eight months, beard appear naturally.

In a short time, good results are obtained from the application with no side effects.Persons having beard transplantation can determine the results wanted. The density of the beard transplanted and the state of the beard available are taken into consideration. Beard is like a seed sown in the ground. As the time passes, the hair roots begin to grow and the result is successful. As in hair transplantation, it is possible to get results in the beard transplanting in a short time. However, it is not possible to get results in a short time; because, in order to show a natural growth of the beards in the transplanting area, a certain period of time is required.

Is Beard Transplantation Expensive?
Beard transplantation is cheaper in our country when compared to many European countries. For this reason, thousands of tourists come to our country every year under the nae of health tourism and benefit from these cheap prices compared to their own countries.

In beard transplantation, prices are the same as in hair transplantation. The more hair root to be taken and planted the more the price is. (The number and amount of hair follicles to be transplanted may vary depending on the desired hair density.)

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