Hair Transplantation with PRP Treatment


It is aimed to achieve the desired result quickly with the PRP applied immediately and after the hair transplantation. By applying the hair transplantation with PRP Treatment method, falling, unhealthy, weak hair roots are re-strengthened. Hair revives and becomes bushy. Hair loss stops by decreasing.

PRP is very benecial to the skin area where hair transplantation is applied. Scars and injuries after operatipon can be seen for a while; red spots and crusts form. With the PRP, the negativity is quickly eliminated. The scalp becomes healthier and the nutrient strength of hair increases.

What is PRP?
A small scale of blood is taken from the person’s body; then the blood is disintegrated from its plasma by a special procedure and is injected back into the body. The plasma obtained at this stage is quite rich of the cells that are so-called “platelet”. The main function of these cells in the body is to provide blood clotting. Thanks to their growth items available in them, they have an important function in wound healing. Because the blood used during the PRP process is the person’s own blood, it does not allow any immune reactions to occur and the PRP does not cause an allergic reaction.

PRP Application Reasons and Benefits
PRP’s application to the person is very useful and safe. Improvement results are long-term. More importantly, it contains rejuvenating and constructive effects. That makes the signs of rejuvenation appear. Apart from forming fresh collagen, it supports all vital functions of the skin; refills, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. In this way, it is effective in the elimination of wrinkles and lines.

It prevents hair loss by strengthening hair; makes the scalp flashy and softer; minimizes any damage such as wound or crack, which may occur during or after the process of operation; quickly configures and strengthens the skin against skin problems caused by various operations; reduces pain.

How is Hair Treatment done with PRP?
The predicted number of hair loss per day is about 100-150 strands. If the number is higher than this, hair loss should be taken seriously and a specialist should be consulted. This will allow you to achieve satisfactory results in PRP hair treatment. During the PRP process, the patient’s own blood is taken and passed through a device to stay connected to a process. In this process, the section which is called fibroblast and which feds and strengthens the roots is removed and injected into the area where hair loss is detected. PRP method is especially effective in genetic and hereditary loss. Hair treatment with PRP usually ends in a period of 3-4 months. In this process, it is applied in periods of 30 minutes in 15 day periods.At the end of the improvement process applied in this frequency, it is enough to apply it once a year.

How is Hair Transplantation done with PRP?
There is a certain period of time during this process for the hair roots from the donor area that will be transplanted to the recipient region. In this time, the loss of hair follicles may occur. During this time, keeping hair follicles alive is vital for hair transplantation. The obtained roots, which are of such importance for the hair transplantation are kept in specially prepared solutions in a cooled place.

It is useful to add PRP into the retention solutions or wash the hair follicles only with the PRP solution. It also accelerates the effects. The intended effect can be explained as increasing the life span of the hair follicles, accelerating the wound treatment, and the faster action of the hair follicles to produce hair.

The most important benefit of PRP apart from its contribution to the processing of hair follicles is its support for this process in the right now hair transplantation operation. Following hair transplantation, FUE method with PRP support is applied whose primariy aim is to ensure the persistence of hair follicles. This method also helps to complete the healing process after hair transplantation. Moreover, it rejuvenates and revitalizes the newly transplanted hair follicles after hair transplantation.

Does PRP have any side effects?
As we mentioned in our previous explanations, there is no possibility of allergic reaction or infection because the blood applied in the PRP is the person’s own blood. It is not like any other substance that is taken into the body. It does not lead to unexpected results.

The effect of the PRP can be observed differently in each person applied. PRP is a completely unique and helpful method. After the operation it is very important to ensure that one’s expectations and reality are the same. This method is a support method which is selected and implemented as an aid only for recovery.

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