Hair Simulation


It is the process of applying specially designed dyes to the scalp region in the form of tiny effects with specially designed techno devices. It is known as hair tattoo, hair micropigmentation, hair simulation in Turkey.

It is finished in 3 to 5 hours depending on the facial measurements of the area to be hair simulated. It is not a surgical operation; people can turn back to their jobs after the procedure. In order not to be in pain during the operation, the region is numbed with anesthetic creams. Hair simulation, depending on the person’s skin structure, can be used up to 3-4 years.

Why Computer Aided Hair Simulation?
The first of the most important expected factors in hair simulation process is naturalness. There are many variances such as hair follicle thickness, skin structure, hair color, etc.. With computer-assisted hair simulation device, operation is performed depending on these varieties. Thus, a 100% natural look is obtained.

How long is Hair Simulation used?
Hair simulation can be used up to offers three to five years depending on the dyes used and the skin structure. It is recommended to renew once a year in this phase. At the end of the period, it is completely erased and doesn’t even leave a trace and can be renewed within the desired time. The content of the dye is removed from the body with sweating over time. Do not believe in the so-called institutions and experts who say the time is ten years. These institutions and people apply the method with non-healthy tattoo dyes. We are worried to state that color lasts a lifetime, but it turns to blue and green over time.

Are there prise differences for Hair Simulation?
Indeed, first questions are usually about hair simulation prices. Here, certain factors affect the price. Many factors such as the size of the area to be transplanted, the structure of the skin, the thickness of the hair, whether the person has already had hair transplantation or not, determine the prise of the treatment.

Does Hair Simulation Hurt?
The application area is numbed with anesthetic creams in the hair simulation process. Thus, there is not much pain in the operation of the process. Simulation of hair is performed in a pleasant way. After application, there is absolutely no scratch-bruising, and the person continues his daily life from where he left off.

What are the differences of hair simulation from hair transplantation?
There is no surgical procedure in hair simulation. There is no waiting period for months as in hair transplantation. In hair simulation, the scalp is dyed with hair effects and thus a very fast result is obtained. Therefore, it is a highly popular and desirable application in the world.

How Long Does Hair Simulation Last?
It is a process that can last from 2 hours to 6 hours depending on the region to be simulated. Breaks are given during the process. During these breaks, people can have tea and coffee. In a pleasant, friendly environment the process takes place and the person can return to the daily life.

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